Lawyers Can Use Social Strategies to Still Be Collaborative

Lawyers know that collaboration has always been a cornerstone of the legal process. Usually, it is face-to-face between colleagues, but the digital revolution has changed the way communication and collaboration work for all industries, including the law. A new social network, designed exclusively for lawyers and others in the legal profession, is gaining a lot of industry buzz. So what makes Foxwordy special? Let’s take a closer look.

Enable remote collaboration.

Every industry is being affected by the work-from-home revolution and the technology that better enables that experience. There are even lawyers who work on a freelance basis offering their services to individuals or businesses who need them on demand, in a very different way than what was done in the past. Foxwordy offers the ability for lawyers to continue collaborating even when they’re not present in a brick-and-mortar legal office.

Makes use of mobile technology.

There is also no denying that digital technology is forcing us all to begin accessing information in a mobile fashion. In fact, lawyers were some of the first professionals to start utilizing PDAs and smart phones as soon as they arrived on the market. The ability to connect with a swipe of your finger opens up entire networks that were previously unavailable. Foxwordy works with your mobile devices allowing you access to the online network from anywhere.

Can connect people globally.

And speaking of “from anywhere,” Foxwordy also connects you on a global level. Today’s world is increasingly international and this is affecting cases that would otherwise have been simple. Being able to access information on international law as well as expert voices from around the globe will only enhance your business.

Access to referrals.

Lastly, every lawyer knows that they’re not always the best person suited to handle every case that comes through their door. That is why referral networks have always been important. While community-based local contacts are still very important, it never hurts to have an expanded network. Foxwordy allows just that. You can use the system to connect clients to professionals throughout your community and beyond.

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