4 Tips to Make Your Nursing Resume Better in 2016

Improving your nursing resume should be a top priority as you enter 2016. If you’ve been in the job market for a while, now is a perfect time to make some updates that can help you land a great nursing job this year. Your resume is your calling card, and the first impression that you will make with a hiring manager, so be sure to make the right changes to give you the best opportunity. Here are our four tips for making your resume better.

1. Keep the initials to a minimum.

As a healthcare professional, you have probably obtained a number of certifications over the years. Resist the temptation to utilize all of them behind your name. The traditional order of credentials in nursing are your highest degree, such as MSN, followed by your nursing licenses, certifications and fellowships. However, you can include this elsewhere in your resume rather than with your name at the top of the page.

2. Highlight your accomplishments.

Rather than create an objective statement that tells the employer what job you can do, demonstrate to them why they want to hire you for the open position instead. Replace the objective with a summary of your accomplishments and experience that will set you apart from your competition. Use data to support your experience. Take those certifications and show how you have applied them to actual job accomplishments and responsibilities. Show they are more than just doing the coursework.

3. Choose the right resume format.

In general there are three kinds of resume formats – chronological, functional and a hybrid approach. Chronological resumes tend to be the most common and list all of your experience starting with the most recent. A functional resume is perfect for someone new to the field or changing careers as it focuses more on skills and accomplishments. Some people like to integrate the two to create something that is unique to them. Research the options and choose what is right for you. You also can create multiple formats and use the format you think would be most successful with that particular job listing.

4. Make it keyword friendly.

Finally, while you don’t want to stuff your resume with keywords that don’t make sense without context, you also want to ensure that your resume will be read by as many potential employers as possible. Many agencies use applicant tracking software that will search resumes for particular keywords related to the positions they have available. Make sure you work in the right phrases and keywords that will help you get noticed for the type of job you want.

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