Name Your Strengths, Not Skills to Land Your Next Healthcare Job

When you’re in the market for a healthcare job, it is easy to fall back on the tried and true resume styles and interview tips. But if you really want to make a difference that will set you apart from your competition, it is time to change your mindset and impress the hiring managers. Rather than listing your skills, start naming you strengths. This can give the interviewer a much better picture of how you can actually succeed in their environment rather than just tick the boxes of their requirements. Here’s how to add the right information into your next interview.

I feel strong when.

The best way to start your strength based phrase is to use this opening line. For example, you may say, “I feel strong when I am actively engaging with patients. I like to make them feel empowered and heard.” Or, “I feel strong when I am able to save a facility time and money by implementing technological strategies for productivity improvement.”

Accomplishments and numbers.

Add some official data to your strength statements to increase their impact. For example, “I felt empowered in my job when I was able to save my hospital over $100,000 by making smart purchasing decisions throughout 2015.” When you can make something tangible, and verifiable, it makes you more attractive as a candidate. Generic, qualitative statements are hard to understand when you are interviewing job candidates coming from a new company. Putting your accomplishments into quantitative data provides more context.


It is also a good idea to express how you feel when working with a team. You may say something like, “I feel strong when I am working with a team that supports one another even if we may have different approaches.” Or, “I feel strong when I am able to work by myself and be accountable for my own processes.” Focus on what works best for you. Highlight your strengths and make it easier for the new company to see how they can fit you into current teams or projects.

Patient interaction.

Finally, as a healthcare professional, your level of interaction with patients is critical. Whether or not you’re in a clinical position or working in administration, what you do affects the care and experience of every patient. Talk about ways in which you can feel empowered when working with them using your specific skills and accomplishments in your previous jobs.

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