Should You Consider Temp-to-Hire Status for Financial Employees?

It’s tax season. That means you may have to hire more financial support than you need other times of the year just to keep up with the demand of your clients. What is the best way to achieve that goal without creating a difficult situation for yourself after April? Have you considered working with a staffing agency to hire financial staff on a temp-to-hire basis? If not, here is some background on what temp-to-hire is and how it can benefit you and your potential employees.

What is temp-to-hire?

You can work with a staffing partner to hire qualified financial professionals for your company. The agency would review resumes, pre-screen and submit only the best candidates for you to interview. Once you’ve interviewed and selected the individual, or individuals, that you want to hire, they will be placed at your company on a temp-to-hire basis. They will still work for the agency during a probationary period. And, if after that time, you determine you want to hire them, you can.

High volume hiring.

Temporary work is perfect for high-volume hiring like accounting firms will experience between January and April each year. You can work with a staffing agency to bring people on board for a strictly temporary assignment to help get through the extra workload during tax season, or they can provide qualified people who may become permanent staff members.

Assessment for cultural fit.

During this time, you can determine if the financial professionals are a good fit for your company both regarding their skills and personality. You need to ensure they will be a good match with your current staff and that their skills meet your needs. If they do not fit in, you will not be responsible for termination since the staffing agency is still their employer during this time.

Replacement guarantee.

Your staffing partner will also offer a replacement guarantee. If your temp-to-hire employee does not work out for any reason, the agency can find a replacement that may be better suited for your needs. This will keep you from having a large gap in productivity while you have increased work to complete this tax season.

Sometimes you want to audition potential candidates to see how they work. NRI Staffing can help provide this flexibility with candidates who also want to ensure they are making the right decision. Contact one of the top staffing agencies in Washington DC today to get started on filling your employment needs!


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