Make HR Want to Read Your Cover Letter

Writing and submitting a cover letter doesn’t do much for your job search if it goes unread. A strong cover letter tells a narrative that your resume can’t include. When you’re applying for your next job, you want to ensure that your letter draws in the readers and encourages them not only to dig deeper but to pick up the phone and call you. Here are some tips that can help you create a killer cover letter that will get read by HR managers.

1. Use a Sharp Format

The visual aspect of your cover letter will have as much impact as the words you say, maybe even more. You don’t have to do this with graphics or creative fonts, just be sure that the letter is clean and easy to read. Create slightly larger margins to make the words pop and give the HR manager a place to write notes. Adding more text doesn’t make you qualified for the job. Save that information for your resume or even for the job interview when you can really make your case.

2. Be Clear and Concise

You don’t have to write a three-page cover letter to attract someone’s attention. In fact, longer letters have the opposite effect. Instead, get right to the point. In the very first paragraph, grab their attention and tell the company exactly why they need to contact you right now. Follow up with only one or two short paragraphs that share your accomplishments and wrap up the letter.

3. Customize It for the Job.

Never send a template-based cover letter with the same information to every job. Hiring managers see dozens (or even hundreds) of cover letters every day. They will recognize a form cover letter and more than likely eliminate you from consideration pretty quickly. When you start off your cover letter by being specific to the company and their needs, that’s how you make an impression and show your value.

4. Show Your Enthusiasm.

Finally, tell them that you want the job. Far too many potential candidates send generic letters that don’t give the HR managers a reason to be engaged. Express your interest in this specific job, not just gaining employment in general. Do some homework and tell them why you want to work for them. You never want to come across as desperate, but if you aren’t able to sell yourself then how are you ever going to get excited about your employer?

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