Could the Law Firm Be Going Away?

Often, as legal professionals, we take for granted that the industry will continue the same way it is now for as long as we can imagine. The truth is, industries change all the time and law firms are no exception. Could it be possible that our concept of a law firm may be evolving past its current form sooner than we might expect? If so, what will happen to the future of legal work for law professionals? Here are some things to consider.

A boost in freelance work.

Since the recession, and even into the recovery, many professionals are choosing to work for themselves rather than take a job with an employer. This change in work status goes for lawyers as well as other legal professionals. Freelance is a popular choice for people who are willing to do the behind-the-scenes work as well as be customer facing. However, it is important to note that your income will fluctuate and you will be responsible for all levels of the job. A consistent freelance job is great to find but isn’t always easy to lock down.

New technology influencing the industry.

Technology isn’t a phase and it is influencing every industry in all kinds of ways. Access to new technology will fundamentally change the way that law firms are run, and how clients will access legal resources. There are already many online options for legal services. Clients or prospects might not need all of the services provided by a law firm, so they just need an individual lawyer for some official tasks.

A call back to legal history.

In reality, law firms haven’t always been the norm. There was a time when individual lawyers were contacted by clients in need. They would perform the work on a project basis before moving on to the next challenge. Law firms changed the game for a while making large-scale reputations more important than some of the services. This is reverting.

The future of legal work.

Depending on what kind of legal job you are seeking, there are a variety of opportunities outside of traditional law firms. Freelance is, of course, one possible way to transition your career. Or you could work with a company who wants in-house legal representation rather than working with a firm. It is important to broaden your perspective to understand all of the possible options beyond simply working within the law firm context.

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