What Are You Doing Wrong on LinkedIn?

You know you need to be on LinkedIn, but once you’re there, what should you do with it? Just having a profile won’t get you the advantages you need in your job search. Before you abandon your profile, consider the ways you may be missing the mark with your LinkedIn account. How can you improve it? There are just a few simple things that can help you make the most of this professional networking site. Here’s how.

Avoid generic connection requests.

The idea behind LinkedIn is to expand your networks. With each connection you make, you become a part of an extended network of second and third tier connections. But a big mistake new users will make is to be completely non-discerning about the people you connect with. Don’t just connect with anyone and everyone. Look for reasons to make that connection and your network will be expanding by the right people.

Don’t forget to expand your networks.

Here is where things get tricky. One side of the coin says don’t just add people indiscriminately, but the other side says having large networks will only help in the long term. The key here is to make sure you’re making the right connections often enough. Spend one day a week looking through individuals and connect to one or two by the end of your session.

Posting too much can be as bad as posting too little.

Like Facebook, LinkedIn gives users the ability to post updates that will be published to their networks. The most important thing is to make sure your updates are relevant to your career or professional network. But also, make sure you’re posting the right amount of information. But don’t spam your readers or they won’t come back to learn more.

Not providing value to connections.

Another important thing to know is that your postings should be relevant to the readers. What will make them click to learn more about you? Providing real, valuable information will go further than posting things irrelevant to your career. Create blog posts that showcase your knowledge as a thought leader or subject matter expert and you’ll attract the right connections.

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