What Questions Should You Ask in Your Legal Job Interview?

Are you prepared for your next legal job interview? Regardless of what level position you’re looking for, it helps to be as prepared as possible before you walk through those doors. It will demonstrate to the hiring manager that you are serious about a role with their firm and eager to learn new information that will help you both make the right decision. Being prepared with questions about the firm and the job can cement the right impression. So, before your next interview, consider asking these questions.

What is the potential career path?

While you might want to tread lightly with this question, it is an important one. It is reasonable to understand how one progresses through the firm or company, but you also don’t want to sound as though this job is just a stepping stone. Ask in a more general way to better understand how others have progressed through the organization, including your interviewer.

How long with the hiring process take?

It is also good to manage overall expectations. How long have they been interviewing? What is the next step in the process? Is there anything you can do to make it easier for them to move to the next stage? Knowing when you should follow up or expect an answer will be helpful for both of you.

How will I be evaluated?

How do they determine the qualifications of their applicants? Do they want to see specific credentials? Will they do testing? Will other members of the staff interview you as well? If you know how you will be evaluated for the process, it will be easier for you to prepare and meet the right touchstones along the way.

What is the long-term plan for the firm?

Beyond individual jobs, you also want to know what the long-term goals are for the firm or company itself. Where do they see themselves in five or ten years? How are they planning to grow? What aspects of law do they plan to get into the future, if any? What is the specialization?

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