Technology and Development Keep Your Top Nurses

When you’re running a unit or medical office, it is important that you have the consistency of care and a good relationship with your nursing staff. So how do you use technology and development tools to keep your top nurses happy and engaged with their jobs? Creating an environment that can help encourage long-term development for your key staff will be essential in retaining your top nurses. When you’re deciding on retention programs and other methods to motivate your top staff, consider these ideas.

Update important machines.

One of the most frustrating aspects of a nursing job is trying to work with outdated equipment. Not only is it frustrating for the nurse themselves, but it will impact the quality of care your staff can provide to your patients. Instead of letting your nurses deal with the impact of out of date machines, make sure that you service them regularly and keep them in good repair.

Provide training on new equipment.

The same is true when you have new equipment in the office or facility. Before turning your staff loose and expecting them to provide quality care using these machines, make sure that everyone is trained according to their learning style and skill level. A one-size fits all solution is also not a good method for training. You need to take responsibility that everyone on your staff understands the new processes.

Provide continued learning.

To engage your nursing staff, also provide them opportunities to grow and develop throughout their career. Without offering these tools, your nurses might begin to feel restless and start looking at ways they can accomplish these goals by finding new positions outside of your office or facility. Don’t lose out on good employees because you aren’t providing the right benefits.

Talk to your staff about their needs.

Finally, make sure you are talking to your staff to find out what they need and want as employees of your practice or hospital. You can take their suggestions and make changes that will enhance their satisfaction with their jobs and your management team.

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