What Can RNs Specialize in to Help Their Career?


Registered nurses have some of the best choices in specializations within the nursing industry. They are in high demand, and when they have specialized experience, even more so. What can you specialize in to help advance your career and make sure you are counted among the most in-demand and specialized leaders of the nursing industry? If you’re considering a career move, here are some medical fields to consider.

Nurse Anesthetist

Many medical professionals choose anesthesiology as their specialization. It is a high paying career that requires a lot of specialization and is in high demand. But anesthesiologist need assistants and RNs have an opportunity to pursue this specialty. Some hospitals may require a Master’s of Science in nursing to take on this role, but it can be lucrative in the long run.

Legal Nurse Consultant

If you are an RN but would prefer to stay out of a clinical environment, a legal nursing consultant could be an excellent opportunity for you. Specializing in medical laws and procedures can mean you consult with hospitals and doctors regarding malpractice or worker’s compensation cases. You may even become an expert witness in cases.

Geriatric Nurse

As the U.S. population continues to age, there is an increased demand for caregivers with experience in working with older adults. It is a very high demand job, so it is a good avenue to pursue for job stability. One of the most important aspects of this specialization is good communication skills with older patients and their families.

Nurse Researcher

Another RN job that avoids working directly with patients is a research nurse position. You can work within colleges or lab facilities to assist in a variety of research programs across a wide variety of topics. This can be a very rewarding career if you would prefer to stay behind the scenes.

Pain Management

Another specialization that is in high demand is pain management. Most often, RNs in pain management roles work with patients who recently had surgery. They help them manage the pain with both medications and other options. They will also work with families to help transition after being released from doctor’s care.

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