3 Ways to Work Well Remotely in Finance

If you’re a financial professional you’ve probably thought that working remotely was not an option available to you. The truth is, remote working can work just as well for those in the financial sector as it can for any other category of employee. The true key is ensuring that the work you do and your results are impeccable and that your remote status doesn’t stand in the way of accomplishing the company and personal mission. How can you work remotely and still ensure success for yourself and your team? Here are three things you can do to start today

Schedule regular meetings with co-workers.

When you work off-site, it is more critical than ever to ensure you’re still a part of a team. Remote workers should make a point to set up regular meetings with coworkers to help touch base. If you are in the same location, meeting up at a coffee shop or in the office once a week or once a month is helpful. If you’re not in the same area, schedule a regular Skype to meet with your team. These touches can really help everyone feel as though they are working together even if all or part of the group is remote.

Ensure your technology is working correctly.

When you’re working remotely, the most important thing is your technology. Make sure that your internet connection is reliable. Configure your computer or laptop to work smoothly with your company’s intranet or cloud-based technology. If you use Skype or Slack to communicate to your team, make sure that the software is up to date and everything is in working order. Sure, technological breakdowns happen from time to time, but it shouldn’t be the natural order of things if you expect to be taken seriously while working from home.

Establish communication processes beyond meetings.

We already mentioned the importance of meetings to establish a framework for your coworkers and employees, but communication goes way beyond a conference call or Skype meeting. How do you communicate every day? Do you use a messaging system, like Slack or even Facebook Messenger? Do you communicate by email? What are the protocols established for these tools? What about text messaging and between what hours will you accept and respond to messages?

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