Social Media Will Find Your Next Job

The truth about today’s job market is that social media is not a passing fad. More and more job seekers are finding their next opportunity through social media. You may not know how to leverage your profiles or want to be public on the internet, but there are some things you need to have in place to maximize your ability to find a new job. Here are just some of the ways you can use social media to help you in your job search.

Create a stellar profile.

It doesn’t matter which platform you’re on, your profile will be the first thing anyone sees about you. For instance, on LinkedIn, it is important that you have a complete profile and you include a picture and a strong headline. For Facebook, create a page for yourself professionally. On Twitter, focus on your short bio and keep it professional.

Used LinkedIn Open Candidate.

LinkedIn has a feature that not many people are aware of and it completely changes the game for confidential job seekers. Before, individuals might have been afraid to include their desires for a new position on their professional LinkedIn page, but that changed with the addition of Open Candidate. Under Jobs, you can turn on the preference to let recruiters see you, which will only allow recruiters using the paid version of LinkedIn to know you’re on the market.

Use Facebook Jobs.

If you enter into your browser you will find a great resource of currently open positions. It will automatically pull up the top jobs from the site, but there is also a search tool to enter the job you want and the area you’re in. You can also set the filters on the side and drill down to appropriate jobs that way.

Network everywhere.

If you’re publically in the market for a job, you should let everyone know. Post about it on your social networks and ask for connections in the community. Follow groups on LinkedIn and participate. The more active you are in the overall community the more chances you have of being noticed for a potential position.

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