Need Accounting Help but Can’t Hire Full-Time? Why a Staffing Agency Is the Right Answer


Accounting is an industry that fluctuates regularly. This is especially obvious around tax season, but it can happen anytime. You may even just additional help for a short period of time to help complete a major project. If you don’t want to hire someone full time, there is an alternative. Working with a staffing agency specializing in accounting placements can get you the help that you need when you need it without having to worry about hiring and firing unnecessarily. Here is how a staffing agency can help you.

You can hire on a contract basis.

If you don’t need to hire someone on a permanent basis, working with a contract employee is often the best solution. But contract employment has a lot of additional considerations you may not want to navigate on your own. A staffing agency is set up for hiring and placing contingency workers, so you don’t have to do all the back office work.

You will have fewer long term costs.

Yes, working with a staffing agency does have an associated cost. You will pay your fee which includes the employee’s pay as well as the administrative costs for the agency. But there are so many other costs to hiring you may not be taking into consideration. When you work with an agency you don’t have to pay for advertising or lose time with the resume review and interviewing process. You can concentrate on the important aspects of employee onboarding.

You can hire a specialized employee for a project.

You may have a very specific need that requires a specialized background. But this need may not be long term. It may not be a skill you need year round and if you hire someone for the project, you may have to let them go once the project is done. While that can create tension with the employee if you do it yourself, a staffing agency is set up for exactly those situations.

Your staffing partner can walk you through the process.

Hiring is time consuming whether or not the position is temporary or full time. You don’t need to spend your hours working on it when you have a business to run. A staffing agency specializes in placing qualified people in companies just like yours, so use this to your advantage. They can walk you through the hiring process and take care of the most important aspects for you.

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