Can You Help Your Legal Career by Sitting Near the Office Superstar?

It’s true, success can be contagious. So if you want to advance your legal career, you may want to spend more time with the current office superstar. A recent study in the tech industry showed that when a poor performing employee was sitting near a high achiever, the poor performing employee did a much better job. While you wouldn’t classify yourself as a poor performer, you can still benefit from working in proximity to the top performer in your company. Here’s why and how.

Mirror good working habits.

Within the study, it was shown that poor performers began to mimic the positive habits of their successful counterparts. At the same time, working in proximity to poor performers did not have any negative impact on the performance of the high achiever. While you aren’t a poor performer, you will still find yourself picking up on some behaviors that can impact your performance positively.

Interaction with high performers.

You will also be able to interact with them on a regular basis, which will give you more perspective on how they manage to achieve success with every task. What do they do to stay motivated? How do they recover from a problem? How do they face a new challenge? By simply observing how they handle themselves, you can gain new insight.

Listen to the language they use.

Another trick when sitting near a high achiever is to pay special attention to the way they interact with others. Whether they’re having a conversation with a client or another lawyer, you will see that they have some vocal habits and that contribute to their positive success in the workplace. You can pick up on these cues and use them yourself.

Ask for the opportunity to move space.

Of course, there is some delicate maneuvering when it comes to working near the top performers in your office. You shouldn’t make a scene of it, but rather take an opportunity when it is presented. For instance, if someone leaves the office, ask to move your desk to their location to put you in a better position to pay attention to the highest performers in your office.

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