Healthcare Facilities Must Consider Telemedicine

Have you been considering telemedicine at your facility? In short, telemedicine offers medical advice from board-certified physicians direct to patients using today’s modern communication technology. For example, a facility might use chat, email, Skype, or other online services to effectively connect with patients who are either unable to come into the office or who may prefer the convenience of at home medical care. There are a lot of benefits to telemedicine, including the ability to get care into rural or poor economic areas. Should your facility start thinking about it? Here are some of the considerations to think about.

Provide patient care when needed.

Telemedicine has a lot of benefits, especially in areas where access to medical care has always been limited. With more and more communities having access to the internet, there are now more ways than ever before that people can get the medical care they avoided in the past. If your facility doesn’t offer these options, someone else in the community might.

Benefits for families and communities.

For example, an older adult who may be reliant on family to drive them to doctor’s appointments may avoid medical care for perceived small illnesses. And yet, these concerns may grow if they are unable to get simple medical care. To provide telemedicine it can reduce the burden on both the older adult and their children or individuals responsible for ensuring they get the care they need.

Expanded services for hospitals.

This also provides additional services for a hospital, which in turn, generates revenue. These expanded services also act as marketing for your facility which can help drive patients to choose your services when there is a need for in-person care.

Improved working conditions for doctors and support staff.

Finally, there are also employment benefits for your doctors and support staff. Allowing them to take shifts on telemedicine can give them a break from clinical work, which can cause increased stress. It is still a much-needed service, but it can give your team a chance at a greater work-life balance.

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