Developing a Relationship with a Legal Recruiter Saves Your Firm Time and Money


Working with a staffing agency that specializes in legal placements can save your firm time and money. But how? What do you need to know about working with a staffing partner to help your law firm succeed and thrive in 2018? If there is a big project that comes up unexpectedly, what is the best way to handle it? And how can a relationship with a recruiter help? Here are some of the reasons why you should develop a solid working rapport with a legal recruiter in the coming year.

Increased talent pool.

When you work with an agency rather than try to hire locally yourself, you expand your talent pool exponentially. A staffing agency that specializes in legal placements has already developed relationships with local talent who may be a fit for your organization. And, if they don’t have an immediate fit, they can dedicate their time to sourcing and pre-screening additional candidates for you to review.

Short time to hire.

Because a staffing agency will focus entirely on your hiring process, there will be a much shorter time to hire. Why? Because when you have to take time out of your regularly scheduled work to review resumes, interview candidates, and make the decision you may find that other aspects of your firm will suffer.

Access for short-term projects.

There may also be instances where you need additional help for a short-term project but don’t have the bandwidth to hire more permanent employees. When a legal professional works with a staffing agency and accepts short-term positions, they understand the scope of the project and the agency can find them more work when your project has ended.

Changing workplace dynamics.

There may also be occasions when bringing someone new into your office will have an impact on your environment. For instance, hiring someone with more experience in social media or tech discovery may open your office up to a variety of new ideas that can help you succeed.

Reduction of overall costs.

Overall, a partnership with a staffing agency will cost less long-term than handling these processes yourself. The time it takes to hire someone will affect your billable hours. If you rely on your current staff to work additional hours, they will be paid more. Partnering with an agency creates one billing process and an expense for your business.

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