Is Contract Work the Right Fit for You as a Nurse in 2018?



Nurses are always in high demand, which is one of the reasons the profession is of interest to many people. But nurses also work long hours and face workplace stress at higher rates than many other professions. But are there ways to have more flexibility in a nursing career? Have you considered contract work this year? Contract nurses are in high demand in a variety of environments. Here are some of the reasons you may want to consider contract nursing in 2018.

Work 13-week assignments.

When you accept a short-term position through an agency specializing in nursing placements, you can take on assignments for 13 week periods of time. This gives you an opportunity to have stability while still maintaining flexibility in your field. Talk with a representative to find out more about 13-week assignments.

Choose the type of office.

You will also be able to indicate your preferences regarding the office environment you want to work within. For instance, if you have specialized skills such as kidney dialysis, your experience may be in demand and you will qualify for a variety of assignments. Or whatever your preferred office experience may be.

See higher pay rates.

Because short-term positions are in demand, a nurse willing to work these assignments may see higher pay rates than their full-time counterparts. Contract jobs generally pay more as an incentive to continue working these short-term gigs. You can also make up the money for the time when you’re not working if you have a good financial planning strategy.

Learn while on the job.

Of course, many nurses who do contract work indicate one of the best benefits is the continued learning. While every nurse will continue learning throughout their career, when you do contract assignments you get to know different emergency rooms and office cultures. You will work with a variety of nurse manager personalities, which can help expand your soft skills for the future.

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