These 4 Actions Raise Red Flags to Recruiters


When you’re in the market for a new job, you know that sometimes the recruiters hold the keys to your next opportunity. But are you putting your best foot forward? There are certain actions or behaviors that automatically trip red flags for staffing professionals. They may not explain it to you and you could be left with radio silence and the need to figure things out for yourself. So what are these actions that cause recruiters to stop in their tracks? Let’s take a closer look.

1. Inconsistent interviewing.

Everyone has a bad day, and that’s not a crime. But imagine if you have one interview with a recruiter that has a very distinct tone, and then another that is exactly the opposite. The recruiter is going to wonder why that’s the case and be cautious about moving forward. They need to be able to represent you to a client, and personality consistency is one of the things they need to be in your corner.

2. Criticizing former employers.

Never, ever speak poorly about a past employer. Even if you believe you are justified in what you are saying, don’t do it. Why? Because a recruiter will be concerned that if they place you with another company that you might exhibit the same behavior or have the same issues with your boss. They’ll be concerned that when you leave, you’ll speak poorly of that company as well.

3. Not completely fulfilling requests.

There will be a variety of aspects of the application and interview process that are designed to test how well you follow directions. This isn’t a trick or something that you should avoid. In fact, if you have a problem following the direction or fulfilling the recruiter’s requests, you will be disqualified from the job. There will be other requirements as well, so make sure you’re thorough and reliable.

4. Always rescheduling.

Sure, things come up. That’s not the red-flag. But if you have to reschedule more than one meeting or interview or phone call, the recruiter will start to see a pattern and become concerned. If you set an appointment, keep it. No matter what is going on with you outside your job search, your commitment to meeting with your recruiter and keeping your set obligations will be the only way to make a good impression.

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