2018 Salary Trends for the Legal Industry in Washington DC


2018 is expected to be a stood and stable year for legal professionals and their salaries. So what can you expect in Washington DC? There will especially be a need for lawyers with backgrounds in high growth industries, such as data privacy or housing. Professionals with at least 3 years of experience will be in the highest demand. Firms want to stop high turnover, are willing to pay more for attorneys but expect more in return, and are also looking at flexible options such as partnering with a staffing company for a variety of positions. So let’s look at the salary expectations for 2018.

Private and public attorneys

At the beginning of 2018, the average salary for an attorney in a private practice was between $87,000 and $115,000 with the average at just over $100,000. For an attorney who is practicing in a public capacity, such as a public defender, the average is around $91,000.

Paralegal professionals

At the highest levels, a paralegal can expect to make around $81,000 in the area. There are also a variety of positions for paralegal professionals such as management roles and more. That’s not to mention the variety of industries where an experienced paralegal can work. There may be non-law office roles available with corporations, non-profits, or even real estate.

Legal assistants

In the DC area, a legal assistant can be looking at a median salary of around $60,000 annually. There are plenty of opportunities for these positions throughout the capital and surrounding areas, but not just at law firms. However, gaining experience by starting out in a legal assistant position can be the first step to a paralegal career.

Legal secretaries

If you’re looking for a position as a legal secretary, you will find a wide range in regards to the positions. For an entry level legal secretary, the expectation for an average salary is around $50,000 in the DC area. For someone with more experience, $71,000 or more can be expected. There may even be positions outside of law firms, especially within the public sector, that would also be looking for similar experience.

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