This Will Make It Difficult for a Company to Go Silent After Your Job Interview


You may think that the proverbial ball is in the employer’s court after an interview, but the truth is, there are plenty of things you can do to ensure they’ll contact you again. Radio silence after an interview is a candidate’s worse nightmare. So what can you do to change this experience and provide opportunities for the potential employer to call you back after your interview? Here are a few things that will make it difficult for a company to go silent after your job interview.

Ask for a follow up timeline after your interview.

The first step happens right in your interview rather than afterwards. Before you leave, ask the interviewer what their time frame is for hiring. Ask them when they plan to make a decision or when they may expect to follow up with candidates. This can give you an idea of when you might want to follow up with them. Make sure you ask for and get a business card if it’s not offered.

Send both a thank you email and a mailed note.

Once you’re home from the interview, send a thank you note. There has long been a debate over which is more appropriate: email or regular mail. But why not send both? They each have a different purpose, so it’s perfectly okay to double up on this gesture. Send an email right away to recap your conversation, express your interest, and cover anything you may have forgotten to talk about in your initial interview. Send a written thank you note in the mail to add the personal touch to your communication.

Follow up after their timeline.

Finally, if the time passes that they’ve indicated they plan to make a decision or follow up with candidates, take a moment to follow up with them. If you want to be unobtrusive, send over an email. Or, you can make a phone call. Plan your phone call for a time of day where you won’t be interrupting their busy day. Don’t do it first thing in the morning, around lunch time, or just before they close for the day.

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