How Will Artificial Intelligence Affect the Accounting Skills You Hire For?


As we begin to let more and more technology into our lives, it’s no wonder that people are thinking about how artificial intelligence will affect the workplace. We already use a variety of in-home devices to help uramms answer questions, turn on smart devices, and provide home security. Well, the accounting industry is also starting to see some developments in AI technology, so how will this affect the industry? Do you need to change your hiring approach to accommodate for these skills? Let’s take a closer look.

Hire for strategy and analytics.

With the advancement of artificial intelligence, there will be big changes in the industry. That means a firm may need to switch their hiring criteria from general accounting skills to someone who is better versed in strategy and analytics. These two skills can be the building blocks for the future of accounting.

AI used for complementary tasks.

Having a background in technology, or at least a healthy relationship with it, will also be a key for success in the future of the industry. AI can be used as a complementary tool with the general accounting acumen that a professional will bring to your table. Together, human and machine can develop a great customer service oriented accounting service.

Niche services such as valuation or planning.

Two of the bigger needs in the accounting industry of the future will be in business valuation and estate planning. These roles will require good communication skills, marketing skills, the ability to network, the ability to work in a team environment, and adaptability. A good accountant will also be able to present and back up their findings and opinions.

Rise of robo-accountants.

We haven’t even noticed as artificial intelligence is already starting to take over the industry. This can be evidenced with the chatbots that many organizations use instead of customer service representatives. The at-home tax preparation services also utilize artificial intelligence to help people do their own taxes each year. This doesn’t mean that accountants are being replaced, but financial professionals may have to adapt to survive.

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