Returning to the Job Search? Here’s What to Expect


There are plenty of reasons you may have found yourself out of the job market for a while. Perhaps you’ve been employed for a long time and experienced a layoff. Maybe your personal or family situation has changed. Or maybe you’ve been working for yourself for some time. No matter the case, it’s helpful to have an insider perspective on how the job market has changed in a very short period of time. Let’s take a closer look at what to expect when you return to the job search.

There is more transparency in the process.

There was a time when the behind the scenes activities for hiring companies were very secretive. Today, expect HR and recruiters to be more hands-on and forthcoming with information. But this also means you need to be honest and open about your experience as well. Everything is verifiable today through social media and thorough reference checks.

You may have to interact with chatbots.

Companies, especially larger organizations, are using chatbots as a form of first-level communication with their company. Know that when you’re conversing with these online assistants that they may not be humans after all. But also know that you may need to get past this part of the process to be considered for any open positions, so don’t take them lightly.

You’ll take job tests during the interview.

Companies today want to ensure that the people they hire have the stated qualifications to perform the job. This means many will use skills testing throughout the interview process to better determine your skill level before making a hiring decision. While you may not be able to study as though it were an exam, try to brush up on your stated skills ahead of your interview to make the best impression.

Video interviews are used to pre-screen.

You may also need to download a video chat client, such as Skype, onto your phone or PC to participate in a video interview as necessary. When you are preparing for a video interview, treat it like you would any face-to-face interview. Dress professionally, make sure your equipment works, and be free from any outside distractions. If you ace this part, you’ll be asked in for a formal meeting.

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