More Companies Are Hiring In-House Lawyers. Should You Make This Career Move?

Did you know that more companies are hiring in-house lawyers? Before you decide to go out on your own or become a contractor or consultant, you might want to consider expanding your job search to corporate offices of non-legal companies who may be in the market for an in-house lawyer. Is this the right career move for you? Let’s look at the trend, what it means, and how to take advantage of it.

Support the growth of a company.

In-house legal counsel helps support the growth of the company by ensuring that all decisions made are within the parameters of the applicable law. It’s important that companies grow using ethical and responsible tactics. Understanding legal compliance is just one step to making sure this is achievable.

Current trends in the industry.

The law is not a static thing at all. Based on a variety of cases and interpretation, it can fluctuate wildly. That means even if a company consults a lawyer while creating a policy, a new ruling may affect that policy even in the near future. But an in-house lawyer can help organizations understand current trends to allow for companies to stay on top of legal issues.

Communication with outside counsel.

If situations were to arise where a company might be involved in a legal dispute, or even a simple discussion, with another company, they may want a lawyer on their side. They can consult with a firm, but that lawyer won’t have intimate knowledge of the company that an in-house lawyer brings to the table. Peace of mind. Knowing that they have in-house legal counsel is one way to prevent long-term concern.

Finding an in-house job.

It’s important to look in your area to see whether or not this is just a cycle based on the market or a real trend in internal hiring. Talk with experts to see how this is shaking out in the corporate environment. You should also determine if working with a corporation, rather than a firm, is right for your career. This may be based on how you want to practice law and whether or not you want certain career freedom.

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