How to Prepare for Success in Your Legal Career in the Next 5 Years


Are you preparing for a career in the legal industry? Whether you’re graduating from law school, pursuing a career as a legal assistant, or finishing your paralegal certifications, you need to be prepared for the next steps. There are so many moving parts to finding a legal job that is a good fit for you now and in the future. So how do you create a five-year plan and communicate that to employers? Here are some tips to help you update your resume and social media presence to find success in your legal career.

Choose your resume format.

Success doesn’t start with day one on your first job. Step one is to land that job and you need the right tools available to do just that. Start with your resume. Your format will make a huge difference. Depending on your previous experience, select either a chronological format or a functional one. If you are taking a lot of contract or temporary assignment jobs, the functional experience could be more appealing for your career.

Showcase your accomplishments.

Whatever format you choose, make sure you’re creating a list of accomplishments rather than just duties and tasks. Everyone knows how to use Microsoft Office, so that’s not the skill to share. Instead, talk about the things that have made you successful in the past. What are hard skills you can transfer between jobs? How did you help with a project? Did it save time? Did it increase revenue. Use hard numbers to showcase impact.

Remove unnecessary information.

No matter where you are in your career, there is information you don’t need to include on your resume. It might be jobs from more than 10 years ago. Or jobs that are entirely irrelevant. Or you may have included unnecessary personal information on previous resume incarnations. The art of the resume is also about what not to include. Share your resume with a family member or friend (if you’re comfortable) or even with a professional. They have more of a neutral eye and can provide constructive feedback.

Update your LinkedIn profile.

In today’s connected digital age, a paper resume is only one piece of the puzzle for finding your next job and achieving career success. You also need to have an updated LinkedIn page to help network and sell your skills. Think of this as a living resume where you can include so much more than just your relevant experience.

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