Tax Season Is Over – What Can You Improve NOW for 2019?


The most recent tax season already feels like a distant memory. And while your business may want to put that experience to bed, it is never too early to start preparing for the coming year. What are you doing now to improve your tax season in 2019? Here are just a few basic things you can take away from this year and apply to next year to make things run as smoothly as possible.

Review your processes for efficiency.

There are always improvements that can be made to your processes. It’s harder to see them when you’re embroiled in tax season, so now is a great time to reevaluate and make changes to improve efficiency. Take a closer look at the methods you use to complete the work throughout tax season and consider the ways you can make things more efficient.

Standardize your practices across the board.

It’s also helpful to standardize your practices to ensure that every step is the same for every customer. This can be a selling point in the future so people know where they stand from start to finish. It also gives your team a touchstone to know where they are in the process along the way.

Create process documentation.

Once you create a standard for your practices, document them. If you have the documentation in place, any new accountant can step in and help out when tax season gets busy. If you bring on temporary accountants during the busy season, they can follow the documentation to maintain your standards.

Add automation features to your firm.

Are there new technology tools that can help your firm be more effective and efficient? There may be things that were too complex to add in the height of the busy season but could be learned between now and next January. Consider how automation can help improve performance and deliverables

Evaluate your volume and plan for next year.

Do you want to maintain your current client base or grow your firm into next tax season? Now is the best time to create the plan for long-term growth and volume. Use the information from this year to determine the workload each of your staff members can handle and determine if you want to develop a plan for growth.

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