Giving Thanks – How It Helps Your Career


The turkey has been picked clean and you’re probably starting your prep for the next major winter holiday, complete with decorating and gift buying. But is the time for gratitude over just because Thanksgiving has passed? The truth is, giving thanks throughout the year can actually help your career. How? There have been plenty of psychological studies that show us how thankful people are generally happier in all aspects of their lives. Here’s how you can harness that and let it help out your career.

It helps with networking.

Let’s start out with a category where you may not think gratitude applies. Networking seems to be very cut and dry. You go out, you meet people, you gather information, and you follow up. But imagine it differently. Don’t think about what they can offer you, but what you can offer them. Take time after you meet someone new to send a quick thank you note in email and see how you can benefit one another.

Makes you feel good.

Thankfulness is also a contagion and a good one. When you thank someone else you encourage them to pass that gratitude on to others in their lives. Being more thankful, and more kind, in your life will make you feel better and happier about yourself and the situation you are in. Try it just to cultivate happiness.

Allows you to build skills.

If you’re grateful to new situations and meeting new people, you’ll also be open to building skills that will take you further in your career. When someone is willing to show you new technology or a new method of doing things, thank them for their expertise. Allow them to help you build new skills for your future.

Shows your appreciation.

Gratitude, at its core, is appreciation. But do we show our appreciation for others often enough? The truth is, you can’t really show too much gratitude so err on the side of more, not less. When you appreciate the work someone’s doing or how they are acting or what they bring to the table, tell them so. It will go along way to making everyone feel better.

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