Get a Promotion This Year – 4 Tips to Help



You’re ready for that next step of your career. You want more responsibility, more credit for your work, and more money wouldn’t hurt either. So how do you make sure that your company sees you as the valuable asset that you are? How do you ask for a promotion? Here are four tips that can help you stand out and get the job you want.

Share Your Accomplishments

Before you can talk to anyone about a promotion, you need to make sure you have everything in order. Take time to list and document your accomplishments so you can speak confidently about them to your supervisor.

It’s a good idea to continuously update your resume even when you’re not looking for a job. You should also update LinkedIn regularly. These can be living documents to help you remember what you’ve done and be able to recount them when necessary.

Talk To Your Boss

The next step is to talk to your boss about what you want. You can’t wait for someone else to offer you a promotion because it may never happen. Being proactive is just as important to your employer as the work you’re contributing, so don’t be afraid to start the conversation.

Start by reaching out to your supervisor or human resources to let them know you’re interested and find out their process. There may be open positions at this time or there may be a pathway to a promotion that you need to access.

Take on a New Project

Another way to demonstrate your worth is to volunteer to take on a new project. That helps your boss see that you’re willing to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Look for opportunities where your skills can benefit the company and offer to take on the project.

When you do this, be sure that you’re demonstrating leadership skills throughout the process. Delegate tasks to others, learn to handle efficiencies, and when you make mistakes own up to them and find solutions.

Work with a Recruiter

Even after all of this, you may find that your current company simply doesn’t have an opportunity to help you advance. Now may be a great time to start looking confidentially for other positions that better suit your long-term goals.

You can do this by creating a relationship with a local recruiter. They can help you find opportunities that will be a good fit for your interests and background. They can also help you look discretely while you continue to work.

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