Are You Jealous of Your Friend’s New Job? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be


It’s normal to feel a little jealousy when someone you know has something you don’t have. This can be especially true when it comes to a job search. If your friend has found a new job, it’s likely to spark feelings for you that you want to make a big change too.  And while you can use their success as a motivation, it’s not healthy to fixate on it and avoid your own situation. Here are a few reasons you shouldn’t be jealous of your friend’s new job and what you can do instead.

Be Supportive

Even if you have some level of fear of missing out, don’t let that affect your friendship. Be supportive of their career move. And in your support, you’ll find that your friend also has your best interests in mind. The more you support them, the more they are willing to support you in return. The process is reciprocal but also much healthier than dwelling on what they have and you don’t.

Review Your Own Reasons

Why do you feel this way? If you’re still feeling jealous of your friend’s career transition, take a step back and look at your reasons why. Are you frustrated with your job? Have you been stuck in an unemployment rut for far too long? Do you think you could do it better? Whatever the reason, feel it and own it. That will be the only way you can overcome it.

Learn From Them

Your friend is excited about their new opportunity, so be open to that enthusiasm. You never know what they can teach you. Not just about the specific job they’re doing but also about the job search, what they did to find their new position and the network they built to support themselves throughout the process.

Make a Realistic Plan

You don’t have to be left out. If you really think you need a change and this isn’t just passing jealousy, take some time to make a plan to help you decide the next steps on your career path. Use the information you’ve gained throughout this situation to apply for new opportunities or reach out to an expanded network.

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