Which Skills Make Legal Professionals Attractive for Legal Technology Jobs


The law and technology really do go hand in hand. Whether it’s a knowledge of tech issues, such as data privacy, or the ability to use the latest legal technology software, firms and other legal employers are really seeking out candidates who possess these skills. If you want to be hired in a position where you can use your tech knowledge, here are a few skills you should cultivate to be more attracted for employers.

Virtual Work

The law firms of tomorrow are going to embrace remote working far more than in the past. Allowing for virtual workers, from support to attorneys, reduces overhead and makes everything more accessible to clients and employees alike.

Lawyers who embrace virtual work and the technology tools that facilitate it will be far more prepared to handle the office spaces of the future.


Similar to virtual work, many firms are now working with contractors instead of permanent employees. This leads to more project work and flexibility for those willing to take on these short- or long-term projects.

In order to succeed, legal professionals who want to work contract need to be familiar with the technology tools that help facilitate the process.

Data Privacy

More along the lines of specialization, it’s expected that there will be a lot more of a need in the data privacy space in the future. As our culture is now learning how to navigate a world where constant contact online is a reality, major concerns are popping up.

This will be of interest to governments, corporations, and individuals. Since a lot of attorneys do not have experience with internet security, those who specialize in this field will be able to find new opportunities.


There was a time in the not so distant past that all discovery was done by legal assistants or lawyers who combed through hours, days, or weeks of data to try to find just one thing that could help out the case. The advent of electronic discovery has changed all of that.

But eDiscovery is a skill that requires technical knowledge and an interest in working with the top software packages on the market. A lawyer who does this can find themselves in a great position for potential jobs.


If you think that technology and the law is something you want to pursue, you can start as early as law school training for that eventual career. Some law schools offer certifications in a variety of legal technology to prepare for you for the future.

There may also be something said to gain technology certifications in adjacent fields that can help you advance your career along this path.

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