Questions To Expect At Your Next Bookkeeper Interview

Are you on the market for a bookkeeping position? If so, what can you do to improve your interviewing skills and increase your chances of getting hired? Interviewing is your chance to make a great impression on a potential employer, so make sure you’re prepared as much as possible before walking into that meeting. Knowing some of the most common interview questions can give you an advantage and increase your chance of getting hired.

What Bookkeeping Systems Have You Used?

The technology of accounting is as essential as the other hard skills you bring to the table. You may not have the exact tech experience they’re looking for, but they want to know that you’re capable of learning the software and working with it. In an interview, show how you are willing to work with bookkeeping systems and keep up to date with the latest technology.

What is Your Process to Find an Error?

This question, and those like it, is a form of a behavioral question. They’re designed to help an employer understand what you would do in a specific situation. Finding an error in the books can be challenging but also essential. They want to know what your process is when you know something is wrong but don’t know exactly what it might be.

How do You Prepare and Process Invoices?

Invoicing is also an essential part of any bookkeeping job. So what is your specific process? They don’t necessarily want it to match their processes exactly; they want to see the way you think through the steps of a standard bookkeeping job. Walk them through how you prepare and process invoices, through any collections calls you may need to do.

What Kind of Cost Savings Did You Implement in Previous Departments?

As a bookkeeping candidate, you need to be able to demonstrate your value. In terms of any accounting job, that is often translated through financial savings. For example, maybe you increased collections on past-due invoices for your last company resulting in increased receivables and better profits for each month.

Have You Ever Had to Face an Ethical Dilemma?

Not every company is on the up and up. And you’ve been told that you shouldn’t speak poorly about a previous employer. This question can feel like a trap to get you to say something damaging, but it’s not. You just need to be consistent with your core values and provide information that shows how you would respond in this kind of situation.

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