New Years Resolutions To Make To Land A Job in 2020

We are getting so close to ringing in 2020. Yes, this time, not only is it a New Year, but a whole new decade. What new year’s resolutions are on the table for you come January 1st? Have you thought about ways you can improve your job search to land a new job in 2020? Before the end of this year, here are some plans you can put in place to help you find a new job in the new year.

Take a Class

Updating your skills or getting certified in something you’ve always wanted to do will never be a bad investment. The new year is a perfect time to commit to advancing your education. This can be as simple as an adult-ed class in your community or enrolling in university courses to finish a degree. Whatever you choose is up to you, but make an effort to learn something new thigs year.

Clean Up Social Media

Just over the last decade, social media has become a force in our society. Everyone is online, and everyone is expected to be online. You’d be surprised how much your social media presence can influence your job search. Take time to look at your public profiles. Google yourself to see what’s out there. Make your public accounts more professional, like Twitter or Instagram. Lockdown your Facebook privacy settings if you want to keep that network more for your personal life.

Manage Your Applications

No one is sure if it’s true, but some family lore says to determine if spaghetti is done, you throw it against to wall to see if it sticks. That’s how a lot of people approach job searches. You apply to every possible job and hope that something will stick. This year, challenge yourself to be more selective. Determine what it is you want to do, narrow down potential employers, and create a more targeted job search.

Consider Flexible Work Options

Maybe working full time isn’t a good fit for you right now. Or perhaps you want to make some extra money while you continue to look for a full-time job. The gig economy is still growing, so flexible work options could be the right fit for you, or the best fit right now. Apply with a local staffing agency to see what types of temporary jobs might work for you.

Network Effectively

Some people consider networking a lost art. But face-to-face meetings with people in your community are still the best way to find new positions. Take the new year to teach yourself to network more effectively. Go to local events, challenge yourself to reach out to people through LinkedIn, and invite them to coffee. Talk to community leaders about their experience and maybe work on finding a mentor to help you move your career to the next level.

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