Assessing Organizational Skills in The Data Entry Candidate

When you’re hiring for data entry professionals, you know you have to look for a high score in typing and data entry. But are these the only things that make a data entry candidate successful and the right hire for your company? There are a lot of soft skills that make up someone’s complete professional history and potential. For data entry, organization is one of the top things. How do you assess organizational skills for your data entry candidates?

How Do You Remain Focused on a Single Task?

Data entry is all about a singular task. The individual will read data and enter it into a database or spreadsheet. It’s essential to remain organized, so the correct information is entered into the right field. Alphanumeric data entry will involve both words and numbers, like entering addresses. 10-key data entry is more like entering figures on a calculator or old fashioned adding machine. Look at how well the candidate can focus on the task at hand.

What Do You Do When a Project Changes Quickly?

While data entry tends to be one-note in terms of the type of work handled every day, there may be times when the scope of the project changes. Is your candidate someone who will roll with the punches and be able to move on to a new task seamlessly? Or are they someone who would get easily frustrated by a change of plans?

Tell Me About a Time When You Felt Overwhelmed by Your Workload.

Repetitive tasks can be glorious to some people, but overwhelming to others. A long sea of numbers and other forms of information can make them feel like they’re drowning. You want to assess how they handle it when feelings of being overwhelmed start creeping into their workload. If they are frustrated by the questions, they may be frustrated by the project.

How Have You Worked with Confidential Data in the Past?

With some data entry positions, the information your employee is entering will be confidential. You want to know that you can trust your new hire to keep that in mind as they’re entering and processing the data. For example, if someone is a seasoned data entry employee, they may separate themselves from the information. It’s just data, so there’s no reason to remember or recall it later.

Are you hiring data entry specialists in 2020?

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