Non-Lawyer Career Options in a Law Firm

Going to law school is an incredible experience. It’s three intense years to learn everything about what it takes to become a lawyer. But it isn’t the only path to a career in the law. There are other non-lawyer careers that you can pursue without having to attend law school yourself. Here are a few things to consider so you can decide what’s right for you.

E-Discovery Professional

One of the hottest career paths in non-legal but legal-adjacent employment is e-discovery. It stands for electronic discovery, and it’s the use of technology to discover information that lawyers may need to build a case. There are specific e-discovery platforms that are helpful to know, but a background in data analysis may be enough to get you a foot in the door.

Paralegal or Legal Assistant

Both paralegals and legal assistants are always in demand. There are multiple aspects of any legal business that aren’t handled by the lawyers themselves. They rely on their support staff to be their right hand throughout the day to help with documentation, information, scheduling, and so much more. Look into the programs that can get you certified to take on these roles.

Litigation Support Specialist

A more specialized form of support, litigation support professional, will assist attorneys with large scale cases. Technology is an important skill to bring to the table as you may manage, and even design, databases to sort, index, and coordinate the large volumes of data produced in cases like this. They help the lawyers prepare for trial.

Court Reporter

You’ve seen them in every courtroom drama or move, but court reporters are essential in our country’s legal system, and individuals with these skills are in high demand. Also referred to as a stenographer, a court reporter will use specialized equipment to transcribe everything in a courtroom. This may be done with shorthand or newer voice recording technology.

Compliance Specialist

Outside of a law firm environment altogether, compliance specialists are essential to a lot of corporations. As more laws and regulations apply to larger organizations, they will often employ compliance specialists to help navigate these rules to ensure the company is following them and remaining compliant with local and federal laws.

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