Career Paths for Administrative Assistants

Have you considered a career as an administrative assistant? The possibilities are endless when you have the skills to support a team or an office. So what exactly do admin assistants do, and how can you further your career? You don’t have to settle for positions within offices. Here are some of the most common career paths for individuals with administrative experience.

Office Administrator

This role is a supervisor for office staff. You are not only exercising your administrative skills, but you’re a leader. You ensure others follow protocol, complete work, and coordinate all office functions and supplies. The position pays an average of around $35,00 annually.

Human Resource Coordinator

A more specialized role that requires a solid administrative background is human resources coordinator. You will help a company’s HR team with all of the administrative functions involving employees. This includes addressing employee questions, handling paperwork, and helping with recruitment functions. HR positions can pay around $40,000 per year.

Sales Associate

People in sales work in various environments, including retail establishments and business-to-business sales organizations. You will handle the cash register and all customer relationships to ensure everyone has a good experience. You may also be responsible for data entry and inventory control. There are a variety of pay ranges for sales associates that can go up to around $45,000 or more annually.


If the idea of working in a legal environment excites you, becoming a paralegal is on the table for anyone with administrative experience. Some advanced education is required for most cases, or you can consider a career as a legal secretary. As a paralegal, you’ll help attorneys in all aspects of their firm. Paralegals can make around $48,000 per year.

Accounting Clerk

Maybe you prefer working with numbers. Having a background in administrative roles can help you transition into a job as an accounting clerk. These roles encompass accounts payable, receivable, and even some bookkeeping. You’ll prepare reports and input information into the accounting system. You can earn around $42,000 annually.

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