Great Non-Nursing Jobs for Nurses

Are you a registered nurse who needs a change? If you want to get away from typical RN duties but don’t know where to start, you’re in the right place. Sometimes getting away from the day-to-day nursing duties is just what your career needs to be rejuvenated. Here are some ideas for non-nursing jobs you can consider with your nursing skills.

Case Manager

Nurse case managers have an essential role in healthcare. They’re responsible for planning and providing quality healthcare for patients. At a high level, they’re the individuals who oversee all legal, ethical, and financial aspects of case management plans. A background in nursing is essential for these roles, and a mind for detail and numbers.

Telehealth Nurse

If you like the clinical side of nursing but need more flexibility, there’s a big market for telehealth nursing. As a telehealth nurse, you would consult with patients and refer them to specialists based on assessing their medical chart, complaint, and face-to-face virtual conference. There will be a considerable need for telehealth nurses who understand technology in the near future.

Legal Nurse Consultant

Outside of healthcare, your experience as a registered nurse is necessary for the legal field. A legal nurse consultant provides an analysis of the facts and testimony related to healthcare outcomes. They might review the nature and cause of injuries to give legal experts informed opinions related to the case. To be a legal nurse consultant, you need to be a registered nurse.

Health Coach

Another role for nurses looking for more control over their time is a health coach. At its core, a health coach is a partner for individual patients who need help changing their lifestyles and improving health. You would work through a corporate wellness program and act as a cheerleader and expert for those seeking guidance. Health coaching is also common as a way to help patients handle chronic conditions such as diabetes.

Nursing Instructor

If you want to teach others, a nursing instructor job may be a great fit. A nurse educator will teach students entering into the nursing profession at all degree or certification levels. This can be done in a classroom setting, online, or in a clinic. Nursing instructors also provide continuing education for other educators, administrators, researchers, and more in healthcare settings.

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