4 Great Administrative Jobs Hiring NOW

This year, are you looking for a great administrative assistant position in the greater DC area? NRI Staffing is always looking for qualified employees for our top clients. Here are just a few of the hot administrative jobs we’re working on right now.

Contract Administrative Assistant

If you’re looking for a flexible opportunity within an office environment, contract administrative jobs may be a good fit. They’re great for someone just returning to the workforce or gaining new experience in an office setting that you can use as a resume builder for the future. Contract admin jobs are great if you’re between positions to give you a foot in the door in a DC area company.

Residential Concierge

Another exciting career you may not think about is working with an apartment community when considering administrative positions. A residential concierge assists residents and guests in several high-rise communities around the DC area. You’ll greet people coming in, develop relationships with vendors, and provide assistance with the building, including package delivery and community safety. There are multiple shifts available.

Tenant Services Coordinator

Another aspect of real estate where an administrative position can be a great entry-level opportunity is a commercial tenant services coordinator. Property management in commercial real estate is an exciting opportunity to give you insight into an entire industry and skills for the future. You’ll be the primary point of contact for all vendors, organize service calls, and coordinate move-in and move-out in the space.

Marketing Associate

Administrative roles can also be a great way to get into a new career, such as marketing. For example, we work with a commercial construction company needing a marketing coordinator to assist with sales, presentations, promotions, and proposals. The position assists the marketing manager, so it’s a great way to learn about a portion of the industry to hone skills and take your career to the next level.

To learn more details, such as salary or location, about these or any other administrative positions, contact the team at NRI Staffing.



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