Office Ergonomics: Staying Comfortable When You Sit at a Desk All Day

Ergonomics is the science of creating a workspace that fits each worker’s needs. It’s part engineering and design and part psychology intended to make users more comfortable achieving everyday tasks. For example, we know that the human body wasn’t designed to be sitting at a desk all day, so developing the most comfortable and ergonomic solution to comfort was the only way to make this lifestyle work. Even with all the design and engineering that go into our office chairs and workstations, sitting all day can still be uncomfortable. Here are a few simple tips that don’t include buying expensive accessories.

Put Your Monitor at Eye Level

Looking down or up at your monitor can cause neck strain. That’s why you shouldn’t work exclusively from a laptop and instead use an external monitor and keyboard. Use a monitor stand to make sure that your head is level while you’re working.

Adjust Your Chair to Avoid Slouching

We are not designed to sit all day. Ensure your chair is at a level that prevents you from naturally slouching. Make sure you can put your feet flat on the floor. Then align your chair with the height of your desk and the proper monitor position.

Don’t Cross Your Legs

Something that seems so natural and routine may be causing you pain. Don’t cross your legs while you sit at your desk. This twists your hips and spine into an unnatural position that could place extra stress on your joints. Keep your feet flat on the floor while you work.

Do Stretching Exercises

Don’t sit for too long without stretching. You can do several simple stretches right from your desk chair. Turn your head from side to side. Raise your arms and stretch them over your head. You can use techniques you’ve learned from other practices, like Yoga.

Take Breaks

And don’t forget to get up from your desk frequently throughout the day. Walking, even for a short time, can help get the muscles moving and blood flowing. Don’t stay at your desk to eat lunch. Go outside for a walk if you have access.

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