Projected Outlook for CNAs

Are you considering a career in healthcare? Do you believe that a CNA position is a good fit? Is now a good time to start that career? There are a lot of essential questions to consider any time you’re going to shift gears and change careers. But the healthcare industry is still booming, and these roles are in high demand. Here is some background on the job outlook for certified nursing assistants.

Career Spotlight

Understanding the snapshot of what to expect from any job is a good idea. NRI published this career spotlight to help you learn more about available opportunities. It includes:

  • Necessary education
  • Training for nursing assistants
  • State requirements for CNAs
  • CNA certification exam

Learning more about what’s required will give you an advantage when you begin your CNA journey.

Physical Requirements

A critical aspect of a CNA position is understanding the physical requirements of the job. CNAs often work in nursing homes, assisted living, other residential care facilities, or hospitals. For this reason, CNAs need to be physically active and may need to help lift or move patients in teams.

Job Outlook

The job outlook for nursing assistants is good. Projections show the industry growing by 5% by 2031. Over 200,000 roles are projects for CNAs each year over the next decade. There will be an increased need to replace employees leaving the workforce or transferring to new occupations. Many older CNAs expect to retire or no longer be able to handle the physical labor of the job.

Find A CNA Position and Apply with NRI

Is a career as a CNA right for you? Once you have your credentials and are looking for the next step in your career, contact NRI Medical Staffing. Our dedicated recruiters specialize in healthcare placements and can work with you to find an opportunity that matches your career goals.


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