How Can Nurses Build More Mental Health Resilience?

It’s no secret that nursing is a highly stressful job in a highly stressful environment. Working within healthcare can be challenging, and it’s up to you to learn ways to cope with anxiety and stress. Developing mental health resilience is an important skill. What is it, and what tools can you use to help boost your mental health resilience?


This meditation app allows you to track your progress through gamification. It breaks down the exercises into bite-sized chunks, making it easier to find the time to participate.


Another meditation app, Calm, offers a different experience from Headspace. It has a higher subscription cost but offers personalized settings to help you get what you need from the app.


NurseWell is an app created by nurses for nurses to help track self-care. It provides sessions in easy-to-manage time blocks and allows you to track progress. It taps into the top paint points for nurses.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Sleep routines are notoriously tricky for healthcare workers. This app allows you to analyze your sleep cycle so the alarm will wake you up during the lightest sleep to enable you to feel more rested.


Another sleep-related app is Sleepfulness. It’s a robust app providing plenty of tools to help you get more rest. It uses guided meditation tracks to help you sleep better. It is excellent for travel nurses who may have varying schedules.

Noom Mood

While Noom is known as a weight loss app, the company’s primary motivation is improved health and wellness. Noom Mood is a similar app for guiding you through mental health exercises.

Keep a Journal

Not all tools are based on technology. One of the best things you have at your disposal is a pen and paper. Keep a journal to help you track your thoughts, moods, and accomplishments.

Practice Mindfulness

You can practice mindfulness without the use of an app. Mindfulness is a meditation practice that doesn’t force you to shut off your brain and think of nothing. You can observe things around you and be more mindful of your experience.

Spend Time in Nature

Nature is a healing place. The more you can spend time outdoors, the better for your mental wellbeing. Take breaks and go outside for a walk or take a weekend camping trip.

Take Breaks

Of course, one of the most important things you can do as a nurse is take breaks. Beyond that, also be sure to take your vacations and PTO days to get a real mental break from work.

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