Why Should You Join a Professional Nursing Association?

Do you need to join a nursing association to advance your healthcare career? Nursing associations offer several benefits to members and can give you access to more opportunities in the future. Consider these reasons for joining a professional nursing association to move forward in your career.

Continuing Education Opportunities

Joining a nursing association offers you access to continuing education, which is often required to maintain current certifications or licenses. But they also have other opportunities for members, such as workshops and conferences that can give you access to the latest advancement in the field.

Networking Opportunities

A nursing association is also the easiest way to network in your industry. Networking allows you to find new career opportunities if you’re looking for a new job. You can connect with peers and mentors and build valuable long-term relationships.

Advocacy and Representation

There may come a time when you need a little extra support in your career, and a nursing association can provide you with those resources. They can advocate for nursing professionals and even represent nurses in discussions with healthcare organizations and the government.

Access to Resources

Associations also provide members with unique resources such as clinical practice guidelines, journals, and other educational materials. With the cost of your membership, you can access many of these for free or discounted rates. The price generally proves to be worth it for these resources alone.

Career Advancement

Members of nursing associations can also have access to job opportunities not available to others. The association may publish job listings and provide resume-building programs and ways to gain leadership experience and professional growth. When you stay informed, connected, and engaged, you improve patient care and advance your career.

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