Improving Communication in Your In-Person Culture

Are you returning to the office for your next administrative position? With so much time working from home, many of us are out of practice with workplace etiquette. So how do you improve your communication skills to reintegrate into an in-person office culture? Here are some techniques that can lead to better communication and avoid losing things in translation. 

Ways to Improve Communication in the Workplace

Choose the Right Method 

Not all communication types are appropriate in all instances. For example, we’ve all been on the receiving end of passive-aggressive notes left in the breakroom about washing dishes or the contents of the refrigerator. Sometimes, a one-on-one conversation is better than calling someone out in front of coworkers. Emails can occasionally replace meetings, but sometimes you must have all hands on deck. Make sure you’re choosing the proper method when sending a message.  

Encourage Interaction  

Is there a way for others to provide their two cents? If you’re starting a conversation versus informing someone of a situation, you want to ensure it’s easy for people to interact. This doesn’t mean encouraging everyone to use the reply all function on email. Encourage face-to-face meetings or utilize an online chat option, which is excellent in the office and for remote team members.   

Have Purpose 

Sending a clear message is critical to good communication skills. You should always have a purpose when talking to your team or boss. The goal can be to gather information, ask questions, or inform people about essential details. Communicate at the appropriate time rather than saving up things to share all at once. People are better at responding to straightforward communication.   

Avoid Generalizing 

We are all guilty of generalizing occasionally, but you must break that habit for in-office communication. Don’t make off-handed remarks, even about people not in the room. Don’t accuse someone of anything before you have all the facts. And don’t share your grievances with everyone before you have a chance to talk to the person you should address directly.  

Follow Up 

People are also often in the habit of avoiding following up. We see it as unnecessary since the message was sent and received. But it doesn’t hurt to reinforce your statement when the results of that communication are critical. Following up has the added benefit of supporting that you want to work collaboratively with the rest of your team 

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