What to Look for in a Legal Secretary Job Description

Are you looking for an opportunity as a legal secretary? There is a lot to consider when reviewing job descriptions and determining if a position is a right fit for you. But how do you interpret a job description and decide to send your resume? What is most commonly asked for, and how do you sell your skills to the employer? Here are the things you should be mindful of when applying for your next legal secretary job.  

Key Components of a Legal Secretary Job Description

Secretarial Skills 

Secretarial is the number one keyword in legal secretary job postings. While it is often the most common word in listings, it is not so common on resumes. If you want to ensure that your resume is discovered by a company’s AI-assisted applicant tracking system, include the term on your resume. While this term may seem generic, it will trigger the system to flag your resume for review.  

Case Management 

To get into more detail, another common phrase for legal secretary job descriptions is case management. Case management is critical to law firms as it shows that you understand their specific work and how to support the lawyers and partners within the office. Wherever you can, try using data and accomplishments to showcase that you know case management and how your skills will benefit a new employer.  

Communication Skills 

Communication is another soft skill firms include in their job descriptions. Most people will take communication skills for granted, but they are critical to success as legal secretaries. For your role in a law firm, you’ll need to know how to communicate face to face, over the phone, via email and text, and with formal written documents.  

Detail Oriented 

The law is nothing if not detail-oriented. Every T must be crossed, and I dotted; if any small detail falls through the cracks, it could be a big problem. Here’s another opportunity for you to use the terms from the job description to showcase your skills and abilities through accomplishments in your previous experience.  


Scheduling can also be called calendar management or calendaring. Maintaining the schedules for the attorneys in your law firm will be an essential part of your job as a legal secretary. When you see this on a job description, take the time to include your experience with it in your resume and cover letter to demonstrate your interest and ability.  

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