Identifying Administrative Assistants with Strong Interpersonal Skills

Identifying administrative assistants with strong interpersonal skills is crucial for building an effective, collaborative work environment. Administrative professionals are the backbone of any business, keeping the office or department organized and running smoothly. Here are five ways companies can spot candidates with these skills during the hiring process.

Finding Administrative Assistants with Interpersonal Skills

Conduct Behavioral Interviews

Conducting behavioral interviews allows employers to ask candidates about specific instances where they’ve demonstrated strong interpersonal skills, such as effective communication, conflict resolution, and teamwork. Asking probing questions about their interactions with colleagues, supervisors, and clients can provide insights into their interpersonal abilities. These situational questions or scenarios often start with, “Tell me about a time when.” Then you can include realistic details about things such as dealing with upset people, maintaining organization, and scheduling with others.

Engage in Roleplay Scenarios

Presenting candidates with realistic roleplay scenarios relevant to administrative tasks can help assess their ability to handle interactions with colleagues, clients, and superiors. This can demonstrate their adaptability, problem-solving, and communication skills in real-time situations. Not everyone loves roleplaying, but it doesn’t have to be heavy-handed. Talk to them about real-life situations in the office and ask them what they would do.

Completing Reference Checks

Speaking with the candidate’s previous supervisors or colleagues can provide valuable insights into their interpersonal skills. Inquiring about their ability to collaborate, communicate, and maintain positive working relationships can help verify the candidate’s claims. Ask your top candidates to list former colleagues or managers and their contact information. Call and discuss the candidate by asking specific questions about their past performance.

Requesting for Group Activities or Assessments

Incorporate group activities or assessments into the interview process to observe how candidates interact with others. This can reveal their teamwork, leadership, and communication skills in a dynamic setting. For example, the final step in the interview process could be a team interview or shadowing, where you can see how the candidate interacts with others in the department.

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