Legal Salary Trends on the Rise: What Should You Be Offering?

Rate of pay has always been a hotly debated subject among employers, salary analysts, and human resources professionals. One of the biggest challenges for hiring managers in any industry right now is surrounding what to offer candidates starting new roles. During the recession many organizations reduced their overall salaries to save money, but many have not re-evaluated since recovery began. Legal salaries are on the rise so it is important to know what to pay top talent to stay competitive in this market. Here is a look at what you should be offering for your legal employees.

  1. 2.7% increase in legal salaries. Experts suggest that salaries in the legal industries are rising by at least 2.7%. Consult with a salary calculator such as to see what each individual specialty in your area is earning. The site also breaks down the added cost such as benefits and bonuses.
  2. Lawyer salaries increase. At the top of the legal job chain are lawyers. In 2014 the average anticipated salary for an experienced lawyer with at 5 to 10 years under their belt is $125,000 to $185,000. Of course, there is a significant amount of variation depending on the location, the specialization, and other considerations.
  3. Litigation support. One rising trend in legal jobs is litigation support. These specialists do everything necessary to prepare a lawyer for their upcoming cases. This can encompass a large amount of functions. A litigation support specialist can earn a median income of $70,000 depending on the location of the job.
  4. Think about hiring through an agency. If you have any a concern about hiring an untested legal professional for your open positions, consider working with a staffing company. They can pre-screen and vet any possible candidates and place them on the job in a temp-to-hire capacity. This allows you to see how the individual conducts themselves on the job before they are hired as a full-time member of your staff.

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