Healthcare War on Talent

Big changes in healthcare and the Affordable Care Act are affecting the way some companies are sourcing and hiring healthcare employees. There is a battle waging among employers when it comes to hiring top talent. How can you be sure that your facility is winning the war? Here are a few ideas to make sure you reach the top candidates and attract them to your organization.

  • Use temporary employees. Working with a staffing agency that specializes in healthcare placements can open your network to the best available candidates. A service can work with you to develop a hiring strategy and a temporary to hire program so you can see individual’s work and abilities before you make a permanent hiring decision.
  • Reduce employee turnover. In today’s candidate driven market, especially in the healthcare arena, it is important to take employee retention very seriously. What programs do you have in place for employee appreciation? Do you have career development in mind when you’re making a new hiring decision? Conduct research on how to negotiate a counter offer before you are faced with one.
  • Improve your hiring criteria. Look at your interviewing and hiring process to see if there are improvements you can make to enhance your methods. Use standardized questions for each candidate so you can compare apples to apples. Improve your communications between steps of the process. Don’t wait too long to make a hiring decision and try to provide positive feedback to candidates whom you will not be hiring. This way, if a situation changes you may be able to reconsider them in the future.
  • Create a talent pipeline. Good hiring is about good relationships. Don’t wait until you have a need to make connections in the healthcare community in your area. Attend industry events and tradeshows. Become involved in your community so potential candidates can see that you are an employer of choice when they are looking for new opportunities. Accept resumes from candidates when you’re not hiring and review them again when you are.

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