Does Your Accounting Firm Have the Necessary Staff for Busy Season?

The beginning of the year means only one thing for accounting firms: Tax Season. From now until April 15, accountants all over the country will be dealing with their clients’ and their companies’ taxes. Is your firm ready? More importantly, do you have enough staff to get you through the busy accounting season? Or (maybe more importantly), the right staff? Before you get too far into 2016, consider the implications of not having the right people in place for tax season.

Are you noticing a lot of mistakes?

Errors can be very costly to both you and to your clients. If you’re noticing that there are simple mistakes being made, you may not have the right number of people working for you in this busy time. There is good news. You don’t have to go through a lengthy hiring process to make sure you have the help you need. A staffing agency that specializes in financial placements can help you with short-term help for the duration of tax season. The training for these positions should be minimal, and you can help your overworked staff quickly.

How much are you paying in overtime?

Your current staff is probably also working long hours to make sure they keep up with the demand of clients who are usually invisible from May to December. You may be paying your staff more money in overtime than you can comfortably afford. By working with a staffing agency, you can reduce these expenses and only pay for additional help. This will also allow your staff to maintain a reasonable work schedule and not get too stressed out this season.

How happy or stressed are your employees?

Speaking of stress, tax season can take a toll on accounting professionals. However, not managing stress can be a major cause for concern for your staff and for your company over all. Is your staff generally happy or do you notice that they are having a hard time concentrating or participating? Are they getting sick? By bringing in some temporary staff to help out this season you will take some of the pressure off your employees and help the tax process go more smoothly this year.

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