Soft Skills Lead to Success as a Patient Care Coordinator


Are you looking for a job as a patient care coordinator? This role is the liaison between patients and medical care providers and is the gateway to the overall healthcare experience. Day to day, you would ensure that patients understand what to expect, help them navigate the healthcare system, and they get the care they need. A patient care coordinator will generally work within a hospital setting or at a doctor’s office or nursing care facility. If you’re looking for your next career as a patient care coordinator, what do you need beyond skills and experience? Here are the soft skills that can help you be successful in your new role.

Ability to relate to a variety of personalities

As a patient care coordinator, you’re going to be speaking with a number of different personality types throughout the day. It’s essential that you’re able to communicate clearly and help others through the process. You’ll speak with the patients, their families, doctors, providers, and more. Your very job is to keep calm and be an advocate. This means even if someone has a completely opposite personality from you, you will need to understand the best way to get through to them and get the information you need. Don’t allow yourself to get visibly frustrated, though some frustration can be expected.

Have sympathy for patients throughout the process

Your patients, from the moment they arrive, are in a heightened state of stress. It doesn’t matter what they’re visiting for, no one ever wants to be a hospital, clinic, or nursing facility. They need you to be their rock. They need you to stay calm and composed when they can’t. And so will their families. You need to maintain sympathy, and empathy, throughout the time they with you and even, in many cases, after they are discharged.

Keep calm in a stressful situation

Workplace stress is common. Stress in medical environments is common. But it is your single job as a patient care coordinator to maintain your calm throughout the entire process. There will be times when you feel like getting worked up. There will be times when you don’t know what else to do but shout or cry. But you need to step away and keep a cool head. Learning stress management techniques to help you throughout your work day and at home will be critical for success in this job.

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