Is a Cover Letter Required for a Nursing Position?

There is a lot of debate about cover letters in employment discussions. Some people suggest they’re outdated and no longer necessary at all. Others say they make all the difference. So what’s the truth? Cover letters can be an excellent opportunity to make a good impression. Here’s how to create a cover letter to complement your nursing resume and land your next job.  

How to Add a Cover Letter to Your Interview Materials

Customize the Letter 

The most important takeaway about a cover letter is that it needs to be customized. Not only should you address it personally and never use “To Whom It May Concern,” but you also need to customize the body of your letter. Make it relevant to the job and include some points that are not featured on your resume that illustrate your interest in applying.  

Get to the Point 

Recruiters or hiring managers generally glance at the application materials to determine if enough catches their eye before reading the whole thing. They probably won’t read your cover letter if you make it too long. Get to the point quickly and try to make it engaging so they are interested in reading more.  

Leave Out Irrelevant Information  

Even if it’s the most exciting thing about you, leave out anything irrelevant to the job. You may be the best softball player in your town or won awards for turtle racing, but those things won’t land you the job. There may be a time and a place to mention it that will get more interest, but make sure the cover letter is focused on the job itself.  

Proofread the Letter 

Before you send the cover letter, look it over again. Jobs have been lost due to unfortunate typos; you can’t get that back once it’s gone. Pay close attention to the hiring manager’s name; misspelling a name can be a huge faux pas. Have someone else read it over to catch things you might have missed.  

Follow Up 

Finally, the last piece of important advice for sending a cover letter is to follow up. If you haven’t heard anything after you submit your resume, touch base with the company to see where they are in the process. In some cases, they’ll have an automated chatbot set up. You can use that. Or email the hiring manager directly to see if they received your cover letter. It’s not advisable to contact them by phone as they are often pulled in many directions throughout the day, and you’ll be seen as a distraction rather than a qualified candidate.  

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