Integrating Yourself in Organizational Culture in Your First Week

Your first days in a new job can be challenging. You may be anxious and uncertain about how you fit in. But how do you integrate yourself into an existing organizational culture after starting a new job? Here are some tips to help you get comfortable and confident in your first week.

How to Feel Included in Your Company Culture from the Get-Go

Make Connections

Now is the perfect time to meet the people around you. Not only should you be introduced to your team, but you can take the initiative to introduce yourself to other employees throughout the company. Ask your coworkers who they tend to interact with the most and start with those departments or areas of the business.

Communicate Well

Communication is vital when it comes to onboarding. In your first days, weeks, and months, be sure you’re regularly communicating with your manager and team. Ask questions when you need to. Provide feedback. And accept input from others when they are being constructive. If you have concerns, don’t wait to address them.

Take Initiative

Doing things independently during your first few days on the job is okay. Certainly, you want to be trained before forging out on your own, but you can take the initiative in several ways. For example, read ahead on the training manual. Learn new things on your own time that can apply to the job. Ask for additional responsibilities as you feel comfortable with your work.

Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Questions are the best way to learn new information. If you’re uncertain about something, don’t push yourself without all the facts; ask instead. People are much better at responding to questions than fixing a problem in the long run.

Be Yourself

Of course, when starting a new job, don’t forget to be yourself and enjoy it. This is a new experience and, hopefully, a place where you can grow and thrive for a long time. Your personality is intrinsic to who you are, so don’t try to hide it or be someone you’re not. As long as you stay professional, let yourself be yourself.

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