Why Proofreading Your Job Materials is So Important

When applying for a new position, your job is to make an excellent first impression. Many qualified candidates have ruled themselves right out of a great job by not taking one extra step before submitting their application, resume, or cover letter. You could be missing out if you haven’t proofread your job materials. Here’s what you can do to prepare better.

The Importance of Reviewing Your Job Materials

Why Proofreading Matters

The unfortunate side effect of not proofreading your job materials is losing out on a job where you would be qualified. Proofreading can make all the difference and will allow you to compete for the job rather than miss out on a technicality.

The Applicant Tracking System

Most recruiters and hiring managers utilize applicant tracking systems or ATS. AI-assisted technology can comb through resumes quicker than humans making the hiring process more streamlined. But you may get lost in the system if you don’t proofread your resume. Something as simple as misspelling a word can mean your resume is never found.

Read It Out Loud

One tip to help you proofread more effectively is to read your resume and cover letter out loud. When you do that, you use a different part of your brain. You may not see mistakes when skimming the page, but reading it will force you to see what is incorrect.

Have Someone Help

It also doesn’t hurt to have someone else read materials before you hit submit. Someone else may spot things that you would notice. They can give you additional feedback to make your application stand out and avoid being missed.

Customize It

Of course, proofreading isn’t the only thing you should do before sending a resume or cover letter to a potential employer. You also want to customize your materials to reflect the specific job and not sound generic. When you customize your information, reread it to avoid making other mistakes.

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